After swimming every day for a year, Sarah's celebrating her 60th year with a new challenge ...

After swimming every day for a year, Sarah's celebrating her 60th year with a new challenge ...



Sarah will be swimming for 600 consecutive days, at least once a day. She started the challenge on November 10th 2023 and Saturday February 17th marks 100 days!

Her goal is to swim right through her 60th year - and beyond!

Why? Because she loves it, it's good for her, and to raise awareness of and support for our local foodbanks. Click here to read more about how and why Sarah got started.

There are two foodbanks in Llanelli that Sarah works closely with:

  • Lifeshare, based in the Antioch Centre where Sarah manages the Wheelhouse café, supporting those in need with subsidised and free meals via our ‘Pay it Forward’ scheme.
  • Llanelli foodbank, based in Myrtle House.

Between us we are open every day of the week to help those in need. (Lifeshare: Tuesdays and Thursdays, Llanelli Foodbank: Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.)

Want to support Sarah? Here's how ...

🤩 Give via the buttons below

🤩 If you'd prefer to give less than the minimum required by the online system, please give cash in person.

🤩 Donate food. Even a tin of beans is always appreciated!

🤩 Not from Llanelli? Click here to find your local foodbank

what are the rules?

Sarah has set herself some rules so that she's very clear with her supporters exactly what she's planning to achieve. Here they are:

  1. I will endeavour to dip/swim in open water (mainly North Dock, but also the sea/ lake/ river wherever I may be) every single day at least once for the duration of the challenge.
  2. In the event of the dock being closed at any time (as it was last year due to blue/ green algae) and I am unable to get to another body of open water, I will either dip/swim in the children’s pool at my home, or will attend a swimming pool.
  3. In the rare event that I am unwell and unable to attend a swim (this has not happened at all so far) I will either go in the children’s pool or will take a cold shower, depending on how unwell I am.

Points 2&3 will only happen in extreme circumstances when there is no other option.

Important note: When you (very kindly!) donate money or food to either of the food banks, you're doing so before Sarah hits her 600 swim goal on the understanding that, in the unlikely event of Sarah failing to complete the challenge, your donation will not be refunded.

So how did this all begin?

"Just over a year ago I completed a 365 day challenge. I got in the water outside every single day for 365 consecutive days, regardless of storms, holidays and travel - sometimes more than once a day!

While this challenge had a purpose (to raise awareness of and support for our local foodbank), I discovered that I also loved being in the cold water!"


Ready to support Sarah's 600 as she turns 60?

Thank you!